Chairman of the Methodological Council – Alexander Vasilevsky, First Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work on the organization of the educational process and its scientific and methodological support, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. tel. 22-17
Director of CC OMZN – Lysenko Gennady Leonidovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor tel. 22-32
Deputy Director of the OMZN TC – Stanislav Tuzhanskyi, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Assoc. tel. 24-35
Head of the Training Department – Tamara A. Savchuk, Phd, Professor, Assoc. tel. 24-56
Head of the teaching and methodological department – Gromova Lyudmila Prokopivna, Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor, senior lecturer tel. 24-35
Director of the Scientific and Technical Library – Tatiana Tatiulak, ext. tel 23-87
Director of the Center for Distance Education – Palamarchuk Yevhen Anatoliyovych, Ph.D. tel. 25-28